Santa Monica, California. Photo courtesy of Veronica Kirin.

Santa Monica, California. Photo courtesy of Veronica Kirin.

D I R E C T O R ‘ S S T A T E M E N T

The title, Préstame Tu Claridad (Lend me Your Light), is a line of a popular song by the well-known Venezuelan musician Simón Díaz, in which a lover commends his partner to the Morning Star to bless her and shed light on her path for the hardships that will come her way. The film carries a message of hope that will lighten the hearts and have a lasting impression on the audience.

Préstame Tu Claridad is a story about the experience of Venezuelan migration told from the perspective of a millennial who never thought she would face such a journey. This film is a token of sympathy for the entire Venezuelan diaspora. The story is made up of small true stories experienced by many Venezuelan immigrants across Latin America.

Préstame Tu Claridad is a fictional story based on real, relevant and current circumstances. The experiences lived by the brave lead actress of the film, Ana Graciela Cartaya, are not much different from the main character, Ana María. In many ways, Cartaya is reenacting her migration experience at the very location where she faced the unknown. These elements make Préstame Tu Claridad an authentic film with which Venezuelans and immigrants around the world can identify.

My deep wish is that returning Venezuelans and reunited families watch this film and feel a connection with Ana María and her parents throughout the movie. It is my hope that the world takes a closer look at the individual hardships that immigrants go through, and that this film will become an object of cultural and artistic value to the Venezuelan cinema.

~David Astudillo